2-Minute Eggless Microwave Chocolate Cake

This is fast,simple and less than messy but best of all .....you get your chocolate fix in less than 5 mins!!!!!!!!! Show more

Ready In: 4 mins

Serves: 1




  1. Mix all dry ingredients in a microwave safe mug with a fork, add all wet ingredients and mix thoroughly until its a smooth and running liquid. place mug in microwave and set on full power for 2 minutes after the timer has gone off, let cake sit in microwave for 30 seconds. serve plain, dusted with sugar,with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream -- whatever catches your fancy.

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I've tried several different microwave mug cake recipes ever since I discovered they were a thing a few months ago, but was always disappointed with the results. They always tasted like sweet chocolate-flavored omelettes. This eggless recipe, on the other hand, is perfect. The texture is as close to an oven-baked cake as anyone can hope for. 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder sound like a lot, but the rich taste was actually perfect- almost like a dark chocolate cake. I almost hate that you posted this, because I know I will be making it way more often that I should. Thanks for sharing this recipe! See all activity

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