3-2-1 Cake

3 ingredients, microwavable, GOOD! I found this recipe somewhere, but I go to SO many recipe sites, I can't remember where. This is a VERY easy, VERY good, VERY quick, single serve cake! Your choice of flavors. I prefer Chocolate! The 3-2-1 comes from 3 tablespoons cake mix, 2 tablespoons water and 1 minute in the microwave. You can make it a little bigger by adding more cake mix and a little more water to cake battter consistency. I made this for the hubby and he loved it! Going to try other flavor cake mixes with it too. Made the chocolate cake and topped it with sliced sugared strawberries! Whipped cream, ice cream and toppings, even icing would be good toppers! Show more

Ready In: 8 mins

Serves: 24-30

Yields: 24-30 small cakes


  • To make the cake mix

  • 1 (16 ounce) box  angel food cake mix
  • 1 (18 ounce) box  cake mix (any flavor)
  • To make the individual cake

  • 3  tablespoons  of the  cake mix
  • 2  tablespoons water


  1. Mix Angel Food cake mix and your choice flavor cake mix (I used devils' food).
  2. Put both in zip lock bag and mix well.
  3. When ready for your quick cake snack attack, take 3 tablespoons cake mix.
  4. Put in microwavable small ramekin or bowl.
  5. Mix in 2 tablespoons water; mix well.
  6. Microwave on high, 1 minute.
  7. Cool and top with whipped cream or icing of your choice or just eat it plain.
  8. Just enough for that quick fix, snack attack!
  9. Prep time includes opening and mixing the cake mixes in zip lock bag and measuring out mix and water and mixing together.
  10. ENJOY!
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The 3 2 1 Microwave Cake really works!
I love reading recipes and wonder how all the ingredients mix and taste together when a recipe is completed. When I received the 3 2 1 Microwave Cake recipe in my email, I thought to myself, how could this recipe work with only adding "water" to the ingredients. It's a cake! Cakes need eggs and oil and some need more! So, I researched if someone had actually made it and found someone on Food.com who did and it was successful. So, I had to try it too. I used one Betty Crocker Angel Food mix with one "Pillsbury" Sugar Free Deluxe Moist Devils Food Cake mix.
I placed both inside a "gallon" size zip-lock bag and mixed thoroughly. My 15 year old teen is "large" so I chose to double my recipe. (6 Tablespoons of Cake Mixture to 4 Tablespoons of Water) and mixed by hand well for about a minute. I also sprayed my microwave safe cereal bowl with a "Cooking Spray" to avoid the "dry residue". I poured the mixed batter into the bowl and cooked for under two minutes. Finger Pressed the center and cake sprung back as fully cooked. Cooled the cake for about three minutes and found the sides of the cake broke away well and then flipped the cake upside down inside the same bowl. Now I had a dome chocolate cake. I added sliced banana, scooped out a chocolate/vanilla pudding snack, added whipped cream and chocolate syrup drizzle over the top. My son allowed me to have a taste and it is absolutely chocolately devine! The 3 2 1 recipe works! A great "single" or "double" or more treat in minutes and you add whatever you want or nothing at all! Enjoyfully right!
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