Broccoli Casserole

A favorite of my husband and daughter. A few reviewers have mentioned the number of pans used. This is how I avoid that being a problem. After I cook & drain the broccoli, I place it in the casserole dish while I use the same pan to make the sauce. I then pour the broccoli back into the pan to coat it and return it all to the casserole dish. Rinse the saucepan out, it doesn't need to be 'clean' just rinsed, and then use the same pan to make the melted butter and bread crumb mixture. If you use the microwave to cook your broccoli, just use the casserole dish to cook it in. Hope that helps! Show more

Ready In: 1 hr

Serves: 4-6




  1. Cook broccoli until tender, drain.
  2. In saucepan, heat mushroom soup and grated cheddar cheese, until cheese melts.
  3. Add cooked broccoli and stir.
  4. Put in baking dish.
  5. Melt margarine in pan and add seasoned bread crumbs.
  6. Stir until moist with margarine and put on top of broccoli.
  7. Bake at 350 F until bubbly, about 25-30 minutes.
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Most Helpful Review

I didn't read through all 42 other reviews, but this is a keeper! My grandma actually taught this to me--it was my first real recipe, as a 4th grader I think. Anyway, I've never cooked the soup and cheese. And, I've actually found over the years that it's better to just thaw and drain the broccoli first--not to cook it either. It retains more taste and texture. So we just throw the thawed broccoli cuts in a bowl with the soup and cheese, mix, and dump it in the casserole. Cuts the prep time to nothin', and the results are just as good! I also only use about 1/4 c. melted butter on top--and sometimes sub Ritz for fresh breadcrumbs. Thanks for sharing! See all activity

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