Back to School Picks

Yogurt Fruit Bars

These fruit-filled bars freeze like a dream.


25 Five-Ingredient Breakfasts

Low-stress recipes you can whip up in record time.

Parkers Mom

Parkers Mom

This was the best monkey bread I've ever had and a great way to get the kids involved in cooking.

Cinnamon Monkey Bread
Mini Chef Ty

Mini Chef Ty

I call these sandwich bombs cause they're super cool. I love them stuffed with chicken salad too!

Secret Sandwich Surprise

Sausage Breakfast Cookies

Satisfy serious meat cravings.


Tater Tot Cups With Cheese & Eggs

These little nests require just four ingredients!

-Halcyon Eve



Delicious! This dish has a souffle-like texture but is hearty enough for brunch or dinner.

Salsa Omelet Pie