Our 10 Favorite Ways to Feast with Friends

Yearning to entertain like our favorite Aussie chef? Follow Dan Churchill and his friends as they eat their way through New York City, one fantastic, homemade meal at a time.

The People's Pizza

It's not delivery; it's personalized perfection (with extra mozzarella).

Epic Egg Brunch

Skip the Sunday morning line for a table and invite friends over for this all-in-one skillet.

Perfect Bite Nachos

Never eat a sad, topless tortilla chip again.

Legendary Lamb Pie

When you're craving a taste of home-cooked nostalgia, it's time to call in this lamb-studded casserole. Enough said.

Red Wine Chicken Skillet

Winner, winner, red wine and one-pan chicken dinner.

Breakfast Muffins To-Go

Don't be bogged down by breakfast; this easy muffin will have you hopping out of bed — happily.

Low & Slow Pork Shoulder

The perfect dish for a big dinner party or a full week of enviable lunches.

Coffee-Infused Steak

Steak doesn't need a lot of fuss to make it great. The proof is in this dry rub that'll have you singing praises to simple seasonings.

Pork Belly Ramen

Skip the $15 bowl of ramen and make your own glistening pork broth at home.

Next-Level Ice Cream Sandwiches

Your ice cream cravings deserve only the best — and every single element of these creamy stacks is made from scratch.