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November 11: Mexican Sundaes

"This is the best Ice cream recipe. Hands down."

-E. Kennedy

November 1: Broccoli & Rosemary Tart

Your new go-to potluck dish.

November 2: Deviled Eggs

"These are great. You can't beat the taste."


November 3: Saucy Meatball Melts

"You weren't kidding when you said the spread sets these incredible sandwiches apart. Hands down the best sandwich I've ever eaten."


November 4: Unicorn Cake Truffles

These little buddies are sure to impress.

November 5: Cereal Milk Donuts

Never debate what to have for breakfast again.

November 6: Ultimate Nachos

"Amazing! It's a great snack with good flavors."


November 7: Mashed Potatoes

"Great for Thanksgiving dinner!"

-Christina B.

November 8: Pecan Pie Cappuccino Squares

"These squares received rave reviews from everyone and lots of requests for the recipe."


November 9: Breakfast Yogurt Bark

Have yourself a little morning dessert.

November 10: Cherry Almond Creamy Cheese Pie

"This was delicious, the cherry and almond flavors blended perfectly."


November 11: Mexican Sundaes

"This is the best Ice cream recipe. Hands down."

-E. Kennedy

November 12: Mushroom Stuffing

"Great stuffing!"


November 13: Old-Fashioned New England Pudding

"This was so good and so comforting! I topped mine with whipped cream."


November 14: Guacamole Shrimp Cups

"I'll be making these this weekend, and I'll pair them with mixed drinks,"


November 15: Juicy Fruit Salad

"I used all fresh fruit and included everything but the blueberries."


November 16: Easy Turkey Breast

"We loved this way of cooking a turkey breast."


November 17: Baklava

"Baklava is one of my all-time favorite desserts."


November 18: Apple Cider Donuts

"These were delicious AND guilt-free. I'll be making these again."

-Marisol F.

November 19: Shredded Brussels Sprouts

"This is excellent!"


November 20: Bacon-Wrapped Dates

"I tried making this recipe in the microwave, and it turned out really well!"


November 21: Cranberry Quick Bread

A new Thanksgiving classic.

November 22: Praline Sticky Buns

An overnight recipe perfect for Thanksgiving morning.

November 23: Mini Brie Tarts

"Couldn't be easier to make, plus they looked and tasted great."

-Bonnie G 2

November 24: Stuffing Balls

"I made these today for lunch with mushrooms and leftover stuffing, and they were great to have with warmed up turkey and gravy!"


November 25: Thanksgiving Leftovers Pizza

"Talk about the perfect way to use leftovers!"


November 26: Sour Cream Cake

"This is by far the BEST cake recipe I have ever had the privilege of making and eating!"


November 27: Butternut Squash with Apples

"Truly delicious!"


November 28: French Toast Rolls

A decadent breakfast free of hassle.

November 29: Chewy Sugar Cookies

"Help! I can't stop eating these cookies! They're delicious and easy to make with ingredients you always have on hand."


November 30: Lemon Mousse

"Wonderful, light and easy recipe!"