15 Unique Slow-Cooker Recipes

Think slow cooking is just for soups and stews? Think again. Cake, pizza, chicken wings - here are some of the most clever ways to use your slow cooker.

Slow-Cooker Pizza

"Excellent recipe! It is SO easy, and it filled up my teenage boys (I can never say that about a recipe). It's also very inexpensive to make."

-Chef #998809

Fresh Artichokes with Lemon Butter

"This is a great way to cook artichokes. The stems were delicious when peeled."

-Ivy Food Sleuth

Chunky Applesauce

"This was GREAT! I had some apples around that were starting to get a little soft and I didn't want to throw them out. I made this recipe, which turned out so good! The next night, I made applesauce chicken. Great combo!"

-Megans Jewelry Box

Spicy Chili Nuts

"I made a half batch and they disappeared quickly. I recommend checking them occasionally and stirring to prevent burning. I also added a pinch of cayenne."

-Susie D

Baked Potatoes

"This was a great way to bake potatoes without heating up the kitchen. I rubbed them with olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt before wrapping in the foil."


Triple Chocolate Surprise

"Rich, decadent and so fantastic! I followed the recipe exactly and it turned out brilliantly! I served it warm, with ice cream and cream, and it was just scrumptious. And I liked it even more the next day when it was cold!"


Couldn't-Be-Easier Slow-Cooker Bread

"Hey, guess what? You can bake bread in a slow cooker! And darn good bread, too. It is wonderful toasted with butter. Next time, I am considering replacing the honey with dark molasses and adding some raisins — this method seems like a natural for Boston Brown Bread."


Chocolate Candy

"This is a great recipe. I like to make different variations, changing the nuts, adding coconut and using peanut butter chips and chocolate chips. I love it, and it's easy to do."


Apple Butter

"I used a mixture of Gala, Fuji, Red Delicious, and Braeburn apples. I didn't have a problem with it being too sweet, I think the trick is to mix tart and sweet apples."


Slow-Cooker Pizza

"Excellent recipe! It is SO easy, and it filled up my teenage boys (I can never say that about a recipe). It's also very inexpensive to make."

-Chef #998809

Slow-Cook Steel Cut Oatmeal

"This was so easy to make, and it was delicious! I used blueberries and they were a wonderful addition. I had a ton left over, so I tried heating it up in the microwave the next morning and it was still tasty!"

-Niki Zuidema

Chicken Wings With BBQ Sauce

"These were easy and good. I'll be making them for the grandkids who don't like the spicy wings."


Caramelized Onions

"This is a fabulous recipe! It's so easy and tasty. A lot of people have posted about how much liquid is left at the end of cooking — don't ignore it! It is packed with delicious onion flavor. I've used the liquid in soups, sauces and beef stew."

-Chef #311792

Slow-Cooker Spaghetti Sauce

"This is an excellent, rich and thick meat sauce. I intend to use it to make lasagna, as well. It makes a large batch, so you need a large slow cooker to make it."


Bacon & Egg Frittata

"This was perfect for an evening breakfast supper! It came together in no time flat. I would suggest spraying your slow cooker with non-stick spray, and make sure you cook it on low as recommended."


Spicy Chili Nuts Spicy Chili Nuts

"This is a comforting meal. I loved the smell as it cooked during the afternoon. Our store didn't have any vodka sauce, so I used a pasta sauce with sausages, peppers and onion. This is a great weeknight dinner that makes the weeknight feel special!"

-woodland hues