“I received this from a Veterinarian Clinic; while we were travelling our dog had severe diarrhea and had vomited once. This is the recipe we were told to feed 24 hrs after last meal of our pet's. Meals should be "very" small and frequent until a normal Bowel Movement. We added kibble a "very" little bit at a time and kept our dog on this diet until transitioned to their normal diet about 4 days after we got home. I put yield at 4 meals as our dog is large. Our dog recovered solely with this diet and we were very pleased as to how quickly this problem was completely resolved.”
4 meals

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Use only the chicken or beef not both at one meal time.
  2. Boil either chicken breast chopped for size of your pet or hamburger meat in at least 3 cups of water until cooked thoroughly on a simmer drain completely.
  3. Cook the 1 cup rice in 1 1/2 cups boiling water on very low simmer "no salt or butter or margarine" about 12 minutes until done or check the directions for type of rice using depending on size of your dog feed rice and chicken or beef accordingly.
  4. Put balance of blended food into refrigerator until next day's meals they should be "very" small and frequent serve with lots of fresh water in very clean bowl try not to use dish soap to clean water bowl.

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