“Sandra Phinney from Caanan, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, Canada, was visiting New York. Sandra and her husband arrived at about 11pm at the home of their hostess who was very correct about the right china for the right meal, and very correct about serving what needed to be served at appropriate times. The following was served soon after arrival before they retired for the night. Talk about DEE-LICIOUS. The straberries are served whole with the stem. The idea is to hold the stem with your fingers, dip it in sour cream, then in brown sugar before taking a bite into the straberry. For each person place straberries on plate with small bowls of cream and brown sugar. It was served to us in single bowls of sugar and cream - so there was no double dipping. I got a plate and laid the three ingredients out so I could double dip all I wanted :)”
10 cups

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Wash and serve straberries on plate.
  2. Bowl of sour cream.
  3. Bowl of brown sugar.
  4. Dip in sour cream first to coat straberry half way up, then dip in sugar so will adhere to cream.
  5. Take a bite and notice your eyes close as your move into a dream from this indiscribable bite. Pure delicious.

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