Adobo Style Shrimp (Filipino)

“Yes, you can pretty much "adobo" anything. Here is an adapted recipe I found somewhere online that I tweaked a bit here and there. [The original recipe contained MSG as one of the ingredients.] I don't know if this is "authentic" per se, because all cooks have their own preferences, but it does follow the basic recipe. Hope you enjoy!”

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  1. Wash shrimp and cut off whiskers. Drain.
  2. Place in pan or wok, add all ingredients except sugar and cooking oil.
  3. Cook shrimp until not quite cooked on MED HEAT, maybe 2-4 minutes depending on your shrimp size.
  4. Drain shrimp (along with garlic). Set sauce aside, and add the sugar.
  5. Heat cooking oil and fry shrimp and garlic together on MED LOW HEAT.
  6. When garlic is lightly browned, return the sauce to the pan and finish cooking shrimp.
  7. [Be sure to not overcook the shrimp-- you can tell if they turn into little O's" instead of C's].
  8. [Note: If you want a spicy "adobo", add 1 tablespoon of hot sauce or 1-2 minced hot peppers of your preference.].
  9. Put on serving platter and garnish with chopped scallions (optional).
  10. Serve with steamed Jasmine rice.

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