“ZWT7, Africa. "A wide variety of tropical fruits, both native and non-native, are cultivated in Africa. In Western Africa, the closest thing to a dessert course is the "after-chop" and a popular "after-chop" is fruit salad. In Eastern Africa, Swahili people make a Saladi ya Matunda for dessert (See note at bottom of recipe). One interesting thing about the African fruit salad is the use of the avocado. A perfectly fine fruit salad can be made from just three or four of the ingredients listed below. A fruit salad makes a fine dessert course for an African-style dinner." Modified from, www.congocookbook.com.”
1 fruit salad

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  1. If using canned fruits: drain and save the liquid. Peel and remove seeds from the fresh fruit as necessary, cut fruit into bite-sized pieces.
  2. Combine all fruit in a glass bowl. Add the lemon juice, some of the liquid from the canned fruits or honey/sugar. Stir gently. There should only be enough liquid to coat the fruit; it does not have to be covered in liquid.
  3. Cover the fruit salad and allow it to stand at room temperature for a half hour before serving. The fruit salad may be refrigerated after it has stood up to an hour. It should be eaten the same day it is made.
  4. Garnish with freshly grated coconut or chopped roasted peanuts right before serving.
  5. NOTE: Eastern Africa's Saladi Ya Matunda is made without the lemon juice, coconut or peanuts; it substitutes sugar/honey for the liquid from the canned fruits.

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