Aged New York Steak With Roquefort Butter

“This is one of a series of recipes I have from a winery. They unfortunately do not put the chef on the recipe page but on the tasting notes which I did not keep. So for lack of a better source, I'll call this the VSW series. I have not tried most of them, but I want to hang on to them so I'm posting them here. chef's notes: When you're in the mood for a good steak and want something a little different, this Roquefort butter is just the thing. It compliments the flavor of aged beef so well. Spend a little extra and ask your butcher for slightly marbled "Choice" grade steaks. If you find Angus beef, all the better. USS produced Maytag blue cheese is an excellent alternative for Roquefort. This is a dish that cries out for a good Cabernet”

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  1. While heating up the grill, mix the butter, wine and cheese, lemon juice salt and pepper in a glass or stainless bowl until well incorporated.
  2. with a spatula, scrape out mixture onto a sheet of wax paper. Mold the butter into a rough rectangle about 6 inches long; then using the wax paper, roll the mixture into a log, twisting the ends to seal. Place in the freezer.
  3. Grille the steaks the way you like them. Put the steaks onto plates; remove the Roquefort butter from the freezer -- it should be well-chilled -- and slice into 1/2 inch thick medallions and place one or two on each steak. Let the steaks rest a few minutes and the butter melt a bit before serving.
  4. Note: You'll probably have some Roquefort butter left over; so try some over the next week on brocolli, in pasta or on a hamburger.

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