“This is a "traditional" Hispanic recipe that has been passed down in our family. My dad's mom showed my mom how to make it and both of them have shown me how to make it. Sometimes I prefer this type of soup in place of "chicken and noodles" for the common cold food. I'm guessing at the quantities and how long it takes as it varies with how much you put into the pot. This goes well with a side salad and either flour or corn tortillas warmed with a little butter as opposed to having crackers as you would with chicken noodle.”

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  1. Before starting get a pot of water and set on the stove to a medium flame (approx 5 qt). Do not fill it all the way up, leave room for water to rise. Once it starts to boil add 1 TSP salt, 1/2 TSP pepper, and 1/2 TSP cumin. Then proceed to the following steps below.
  2. Meat:
  3. Combine all ingredients into bowl. Squish the meat mixture to mix everything well. Next start shaping the meat into small bite sized meatballs and put on a plate.
  4. Once you have turned the meat mixture into meatballs very carefully add them to the water and reduce the flame slightly.
  5. Veggies:
  6. Start chopping the baby carrots into bite-sized pieces as well. you can probably get away with cut them in half, or if they're kind of large about three times. You'll probably only want to use about half a bag.
  7. When you have the desired amount cut up into pieces you can then add them to the pot of water.
  8. Then start peeling the potatoes. If they are large potatoes you'll probably only need about 3, if they are medium sized probably about 4. Cut them up into more bite sized pieces.
  9. Wait for the water to start boiling again -- about 5-10 minutes or so then add the potatoes. Cook for about 30 minutes or until the veggies are soft and the meat is firm. The meat usually starts to rise to the top and has pieces of rice sticking out of it.
  10. The order in which you put the ingredients must be followed as directed. As the meatballs and carrots have to cook longer than the potatoes. You do not want undercooked meatballs, crunchy carrots and mushy potatoes.
  11. Enjoy!

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