“Yummy BBQ chicken with out the actual bbq!!! Best of all, while cooking in the oven, a nice, comfy, homey aroma fills the entire house...great for summer AND winter!!! YOU ONLY NEED FOUR INGREDIENTS (includes the chicken, of course!) Kiddos LOVE this! For a quick, home-made meal serve with mac n cheese and green beans:)”

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  1. First, DON'T FORGET to preheat the oven to 375-400 degrees. (The higher the temp, the crispier your chicken coating and skin crust will be!)
  2. With your CLEAN HANDS, rinse off your chicken and pat dry with a paper towel. Grab a medium to large oven-safe baking dish (pyrex will do), GREASE IT and load all your chickens (skin fat-side face down). Sprinkle (according to your tastes) garlic salt and pepper on each individual chicken. Then, grab your favorite bbq sauce and squeeze a generous amount on each one. Next, grab a spoon (I know, weird -- but the backside spreads sauce well) and smother each chicken until they are all well coated. Carefully turn over each chicken piece in it's place and REPEAT the same thing.
  3. Once repeating (now the chicken is skin fat-side up and ready to bake), you may choose to add the optional onions. Place sliced onion halves on each chicken piece (usually 2 on each). This will add a lot of great flavor while cooking! I usually bake for about 45 minutes at 390 degrees. When my timer goes off, I turn off the oven immediately but I leave the chicken in the oven for an extra five minutes, just so the skin gets nice and crispy! Careful, cuz the chicken will be hot! Wait about ten minutes, then serve.

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