“My dogs love these. A couple could be a meal. They are moist and substantial. This is a great way to use up all the chicken bits and skin etc. left from making soup if you don't want to just stew up chickens for your dogs like I do. You can frost these or not. I call them cupcakes if I do and muffins if I don't.”
24 Cupcakes

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  1. Mix all ingredients together well. I use my Kitchen Aid mixer with the paddle.
  2. Add water till mix seems about the consistency muffin mix usually is; pretty wet but not pourable.
  3. Use a large spoon or dry measuring scoop to fill muffin tins almost full. Bake for 20 - 30 minute at 375.
  4. Frosting.
  5. Whip till consistency you want. Put a dollop on each one after they've cooled.
  6. I only put a bit of it on each one because it's messy and too much dairy isn't good for them.
  7. I used goats cheese because we always have it in the freezer from our goats but cream cheese is what I would use otherwise. . I use the honey to help bind ingredients.
  8. You can also substitute brown rice for the white or use another vegetable if you want.

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