“It's apple time! This is wonderful apple brandy. It's quick and easy. The longer it sits, the better. I just strain it through cheesecloth before serving, if it settles again. I have also used coffee filters for a fine strain, it just takes longer. I have some that is 8 years old and it is a beautiful amber color and very smooth.”
1/2 gallon

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. I remove the seeds because I think they make it bitter if left in the apple.
  2. I don't use top shelf brandy, I use a less expensive brandy but not the cheapest either, something in between.
  3. I use a glass gallon screw-top jar.
  4. Combine all ingredients and place cover on tightly-invert jar, I always place it in a large pan, just in case it might leak.
  5. (although, this has never happened) Let jar stand 24 hours, turn jar upright and let stand another 24 hours.
  6. Repeat process until sugar dissolves.
  7. Store in a dark, cool place 4-6 weeks.
  8. Strain through cheesecloth into decanter.
  9. Note: I always use very dark red sweet apples and I think that it is the dark red skin that gives the brandy a nice color.

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