“I do this rice all the time, i learned wheni was young while i watched my mother cooking it herself. Its incredibly easy to make. So me people call it 'Arroz Rojo' - 'Red Rice' just because it takes the redish orange color of the tomatoes sauce. We usually eat this rice as a side dish to anything like Mole or any other mexican Dish.”

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  1. Heat Oil up in a sauce pan, heavy or medium sauce pan will do.
  2. Brown the Rice. Here is where you have to be careful make sure you constantly stir the rice while browing it. The rice is done browning when its has taken a white opaque color, and if you can smell a sweet musty smell coming from the pot.
  3. Add the Hot Water, Tomatoe Sauce, and Chicken Bouillon to the rice. (Optional) taste water mixture add more Bouillon to taste if you want more.
  4. Cover and let it cook over medium heat. Stir contents from time to time to make sure rice does not stick to bottom of pot.
  5. Rice is done when you either the idividiual rice grains are butterfly slit down the middle. Or when you no longer see anymore white whole grains. Most of the time the water gets absorved by the rice or it evaporates leaving you nice cooked rice behind.

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