“This is a ,albeit rather strange, awesomely delicious recipe i've adapted using sriracha, sour cream, eggs, and begedil (recipe provided below). Note: you can find sriracha in most grocery stores (safeway, winco, etc.), it is red with a green cap; and has a picture of a rooster on it.”
2 potato begedil

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  1. Boil the potatoes for approximately 6-12 minutes (or until soft). Meanwhile, slice the green onions/cilantro and prep the crispy onions.
  2. To prep the crispy onions; slice the onion very thinly (if you have a mandolin, I would reccomend using it) and coat with flour. Heat a small pan filled with the one cup of oil. Add the floured onion slices and cook until they possess a deep brown color.
  3. Meanwhile; heat a large pan with the 1-3 cups oil for the begedil.
  4. Remove the cooked potatoes fro the water once done, and place in a large mixing bowl. Smash until it holds the consistancy of mashed potatoes (chunks may be left in). Add the remaining ingredients from the "Begedil" section above, and stir until the potatoes have a slightly creamy texture.
  5. Drop spoonfuls of the begedil into the hot oil pan and fry until golden-brown on either side.
  6. Cook the eggs to your liking (over easy goes best, but if your particularly abject to such a prospect than any way but scrambled will do).
  7. Top with a decent dollop of sour cream and sriracha (as much as you desire).

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