“My beloved Aunt Bonnie always made this for me when she came home for the weekend. She had no children and she always said my mother had me for her......She was the best cook in the world.....always comfort food and always so good...This Chicken and Rice recipe is so simple, but oh so good.......Aunt Bonnie has gone to be with the Lord, but I am sure she is cooking her great dishes in heaven!!!!!!”
1hr 30mins

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  1. Boil chicken with 1/2 stick butter, salt and pepper --
  2. After chicken is completely done, drain broth and keep.
  3. Debone chicken and shred or cut in chunks.
  4. Butter a 3 quart oven safe casserole, put rice in bottom of dish, lay chicken on top of rice (I always add more salt and pepper at this time) and pour your reserved broth (I even use canned broth if I need more) over rice and chicken -- cut the remaining stick of butter and put on top and put casserole in a 350 to 400 degree oven and cook until rice is done -- if mixture looks dry, pour in more broth and continue to cook. I usually leave in oven for an hour -- Enjoy!

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