“Wonderful frozen treat that everyone loves. Very colorful and great for the holidays and extremely easy to make. Cooktime is long due to freezing time, as this actually just takes minutes to make.”
8hrs 5mins

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  1. In a large bowl, mix cream cheese, pineapple and 7-UP.
  2. In a smaller bowl mix peaches, cherries and sugar.
  3. Pour contents of 2nd bowl into 1st bowl.
  4. Put in freezer until halfway frozen (about an hour).
  5. Remove the coolwhip from freezer (to partially thaw).
  6. After the hour or so, remove the mixture from freezer and fold in the cool whip and marshmallows.
  7. Put back in freezer until frozen.
  8. My aunt makes this in a bundt pan, but I just use round bottom tupperwares so that when I remove it and serve, it looks like a little igloo.
  9. To remove easily from tupperware or bundt pan, surround with a hot wet cloth for a moment, it will slide out easily.
  10. Slice to make a beautiful, colorful, tasty treat.

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