Authentic Dulce De Calabaza (Mexican Pumpkin Candy)

“This is the real candy you can find at the flea market or your grandma's house! Hard on the outside, sweet and juicy on the inside. I used about half of the sugar the recipe calls for and it was sweet enough--you can taste the freshness of the fruit in every bite! You may find the hydrated lime (or calcium hydroxide, or slaked lime) in specialty grocery stores (Mexican product is called Cal) or garden center.”
60 wedges

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  1. Cut pumpkin into uniform wedges or slices. Peel and cut pieces of desired size.
  2. Soak overnight in lime water to cover. (Use 1 tablespoon lime to each quart of water. Stir lime water well before pouring over pumpkin.).
  3. Remove pumpkin from lime water and wash thoroughly 3 or more times in clear water.
  4. Cover pumpkin with warm water and bring slowly to boiling point. Boil for 5 minutes.
  5. Drain and wash twice in clear cold water. Drain for an hour.
  6. Pierce each piece in several places with a fork so that sugar syrup can be absorbed.
  7. Weigh pumpkin and use equal amount of sugar. Cover pumpkin with sugar, moisten with water and bake at 300 degrees until pumpkin is crystalized, about 3 hours.
  8. Drain and place pumpkin on wax paper to dry.
  9. Will keep refrigerated about a week but you should double bag leftovers and freeze for later.

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