Awesome BBQ Pulled Pork, No Smoker or Barbecue Needed

“Ok, so here it goes! I’m going to attempt to post this recipe, even though it calls for so many premixed ingredients, that I don’t know if it’ll actually POST here at zaar. This is by far, the best BBQ Pulled Pork you can make without any thing more fancy than a crock pot. If you allow to cook in the crock pot undisturbed for the entire time, you will get something close to the ‘bark’ that is created when you use a smoker/barbecue.”
8hrs 10mins

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 5 -6 lbs boston butt
  • 6 tablespoons cider vinegar, divided
  • 14-12 teaspoon liquid smoke
  • 14 cup barbecue seasoning (I use equal amounts of Bad Byrons Butt Rub, R.C. Buck's Bourbon Molasses Gourmet Spices & Rubs, and )
  • 12 cup kraft original barbecue sauce
  • 12 cup wegman's memphis style barbecue sauce
  • 2 tablespoons brown sugar


  1. Trim pork roast of as much visible fat as possible. (since this is not going into a barbecue or smoker, you don’t need the fat to keep the meat juicy).
  2. Wet the roast all over with half of the vinegar.
  3. Rub all the seasonings into the meat.
  4. Place into crock pot, set on low and cook for at least 5 hours, preferably 8. (I will start this before I go to bed, to have for a 1:00 Kickoff during football season).
  5. When it’s falling off the bone, pour off MOST of the liquid in the bottom of the pot.
  6. Pull out the bone, (this should remove easily) take off any remaining chunks of fat that you can see and add the other half of the vinegar.
  7. Pull pork into chunks, but don’t completely shred at this time, it’ll fall apart more with the addition of the barbecue sauces.
  8. Add equal the amounts of barbecue sauces and the brown sugar, and fold into the shredded meat to combine. (the meat is so tender, it will continue to shred as you’re mixing) I like to leave some larger pieces.

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