“These are the first egg rolls I ever made years ago & they were so good that I never tried another recipe. I found it on the back of the package of Azumaya Large Square Egg Roll Wrappers. The secret is definitely in the oyster sauce, so don't leave that out.”

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  1. Stir fry meat & ginger in a wide skillet over high heat until lightly browned, 2-3 minutes.
  2. Add cabbage, bean sprouts, carrot & green onions; cook 2 minutes.
  3. Stir in oyster sauce and season with black pepper.
  4. Remove from heat & let mixture cool.
  5. Use 2 tablespoons for each egg roll.
  6. To Wrap: place filling diagonally on wrapper, fold corner over filling, roll roughly half-way to cover filling, fold up both sides roughly against filling; moisten ends of last flap with water, roll over flap to seal; lay flap side down until ready to cook.
  7. Deep fry in oil (it says 350, if you use an electric wok), I do it in a cast iron skillet on the stove.
  8. Fry 2-3 minutes, turning occasionally, until golden brown.
  9. Drain on paper towels.
  10. Serve warm with sweet & sour sauce.

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