“This was one of my mother's recipes. My brother and I each had our favorite cakes, and this was my brother's favorite that my Mom always made for his birthday.”
1 Double Layer Cake

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  1. In a mixing bowl, sift flour, salt& baking soda together.
  2. In another large mixing bowl add butter or margerine& mix until creamy, soft& smooth.
  3. Gradually add sugar& mix until fluffy.
  4. Beat in the vanilla& slightly beaten egg yolks.
  5. Add the mashed bananas.
  6. Mix the tablespoon of vinegar into the 1/2 cup of milk to sour the milk.
  7. Add the flour& sour milk& beat real good.
  8. Add the nuts,& fold in the stiffly beaten egg whites.
  9. Grease& flour 2 cake pans,& pour the mix evenly into the 2 pans.
  10. Bake in pre-heated 350 degree oven 35 to 40 minutes.
  11. Remove from oven& place one of the layers onto a cake plate.
  12. Generously smear the frosting atop the first layer& then place the second layer on top of the frosted first layer.
  13. Generously frost the entire cake on the top& completely around the sides.

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