Banana Walnut Bread (Sugar/Grain/Gluten Free)

“No Grains, No Sugar and No Gluten! (..and no guilt!) --via”
1hr 5mins
1 loaf

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Preheat oven to 350°C.
  2. Combine 6 eggs, 1/2 cup honey, 1/4 cup coconut oil, vanilla extract, almond extract and banana together and mix on high speed with a hand blender.
  3. Combine coconut flour, baking soda, cinnamon, nutmeg and 1 cup of chopped walnuts and ensure they are well mixed before combining with wet mix.
  4. Line a bread pan with parchment paper and pour batter into pan.
  5. In a small bowl combine 1/2 cup almond flour, 2 Tbsp coconut oil, 2 Tbsp honey, 1 Tbsp cinnamon and 1/2 cup of chopped walnuts to create a walnut crumble topping.
  6. Mix together and mix with a spoon until well combined.
  7. Gently cover batter with walnut crumble mix.
  8. Bake loaf for 45-50 minutes or until crumble is browned and a knife can be placed in the middle of bread and come out clean.
  9. If crumble starts to look to brown, cover with foil until loaf has finished cooking.
  10. Enjoy!

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