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Barbecue Sauce / Mop - American Style Tomato Based

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“This is a "traditional" American style tomato based BBQ sauce. The key ingredient here is the cider vinegar. Nothing else really produces the same end result as cider vinegar will. As far as mustard goes, use your favorite. I even used horseradish mustard once and it was a great variation. Sweeteners can also vary. Brown or palm sugar are best but honey will also give you a good sauce. White sugar is your last resort for a sweetner. I bet maple syrup would also be a good sweetner to use here. Never use margarine (personal taste) butter is a key ingredient to the final result. This BBQ sauce is to be applied AFTER the food is cooked and about to come off of the BBQ grill. It is high in sugar content and it will burn if you use it as a marinade or apply it too soon. 1st NOTE: If you are "BBQ-ing" in an oven you may put it on after you have turned the meat and cooked both sides partially. Be sure the oven is at a lower temperature so that, again, you do not burn it. 2nd NOTE: This is also a great sauce for BBQ pulled sandwiches. Cook the beef, pork or chicken (fish) any way you please, roasting and BBQ is best. Shred or slice thinly the meat and simmer for a few minutes in this sauce and then put it on your favorite butter grilled bun. 3rd NOTE: Makes a good macaroni salad dressing when mixed with a bit of mayonnaise and then stirred into the macaroni salad. 4th NOTE: For seafood BBQ you can substitute some of the water with lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit juice and cook as instructed. Needless to say, less of lemon or lime than orange or grapefruit. I think cranberry would also be great to use if grilling a turkey or for pulled turkey sandwiches. As always, experiment, play around, have some fun and enjoy yourself. A good mood, imparted into the food, is what always gives it the best flavor.5th NOTE: Use it like ketchup on anything!”
2hrs 10mins
1 gallon give or take

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  1. NOTE OF CAUTION: This sauce, while cooking, will "bubble and burp". Do not cover completely, but a spatter screen or a lid partially closed is a good idea. Whenever cooking anything that has this much sugar in it BE CAREFUL!
  2. Sweat all ingredients in step 1 IN A NON -ALUMINUM POT until clear, do not brown.Use more garlic if you like or roast the garlic and onions first.
  3. Add remaining ingredients and simmer on low until it is as thick as you like it. This could take any where form 1 to 2 hours.
  4. Do not skim. When using stir first to incorporate butter back into the sauce. That's where a lot of the flavor is.
  5. NOTE: Sri Racha Chili Sauce is a thick Thai style chili sauce available in most markets around the world now. If you can not find it use Tabasco BUT DO NOT USE AS MUCH. TABASCO IS A LOT MORE SOUR than Sri Racha Sauce is. If you like it spicy-hot just add jalapenos or chilis while it is cooking but keep in mind that it cooks and reduces for quite a while and it will get very spicy if you use a lot of peppers.
  6. After cooking let cool and store in any non-reactive container (no aluminium). Keep it refrigerated and it will last "forever". Only take out what you need and return the rest to the frig.

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