“This is a great recipe for Barbecue Shrimp. Since the shrimp are cooked in a skillet you have the ability to prevent overcooking the shrimp.”

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  1. DO NOT REMOVE HEADS, they add a great deal of depth to the sauce.
  2. The heads can be removed after cooking and before serving.
  3. Cut whiskers off of shrimp, if you don’t they will get all tangled.
  4. In a sauté pan place ½ stick of butter in pan and sauté garlic.
  5. When garlic is sautéed, place all ingredients except butter, lemon juice and shrimp in pan.
  6. When ingredients are combined place shrimp in liquid and cook until the shrimp turns pink (cooked).
  7. Make sure the shrimp are stirred carefully so that all shrimp are coated equally and cooked evenly.
  8. Move shrimp into colander, reserving liquid and seasonings in sauté pan.
  9. Turn heat down to medium high and add butter, an ounce at a time, stirring constantly.
  10. When all butter is melted, continue to stir and reduce liquid until it thickens and becomes very smooth.
  11. Add lemon juice and stir for 1 minute.
  12. Add cream and stir constantly for 3 minutes.
  13. Place shrimp in a bowl and pour sauce over shrimp.
  14. Serve with slices of warm French bread for dipping.

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