“This soap is very mild and gentle since it is made from vegetable products. Recipe posted by request. This is from the book: Natural Beauty At Home by Janice Cox.”
384hrs 15mins
12 2oz. bars

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  1. Heat the olive oil on low flame to approximately 80-85 F.
  2. Dissolve the lye in the water.
  3. Cool to about 70-75 F.
  4. Pour the lye solution in a thin, steady stream, into the oil with slow, even stirring.
  5. You shouldn't be heating the mixture at this time.
  6. Continue stirring until a thick, honeylike texture is obtained.
  7. This will take 10-20 minutes.
  8. Note: If the soap mixture does not become thick within 30 minutes, and there is a greasy layer on top, it may be too warm.
  9. If this happens, set the container in cool water and keep stirring from the sides and the bottom.
  10. Contrastingly, if the mixture is lumpy, it may be too cold.
  11. If this happens, set it in a pan of warm water and stir until the lumps disappear.
  12. Pour the thickened soap mixture into your molds.
  13. Cover.
  14. Keep warm for a minium of 24 hours.
  15. This allows the saponification process to take place slowly and will prevent the mixture from separating.
  16. You can wrap your soap molds in an old blanket.
  17. When the soap is set, remove it from the molds and cut it into bars.
  18. Allow the soap to age for atleast 2 weeks in a dry place.
  19. Note: If the soap is crumbly or has streaks of grease, it may be reclaimed as follows: Cut the soap into fine pieces.
  20. Add 2 cups of water and dissolve over low flame.
  21. Stir occasionally.
  22. When the lumps have disappeared, increase the heat and boil until the soap appears thick.
  23. Pour soap in molds and continue as explained above.

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