Bayou Cocodrie Red Cabbage Salad

“This recipe is based on one from Jude W. Theriot’s book, La Meilleure De la Lousiane (The Best of Louisiana). My DH and I purchased this brilliant cookbook at the Pirates of the Caribbean gift shop at Disneyland. This recipe is credited to Jude W. Theriot. The recipe really calls for Accent, which is monosodium glutamate; I’ve offered up creole seasonings as my own personal substitute. Prep time doesn’t include the overnight refrigeration time.”

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  1. Remove outer leaves of the cabbage and cut the cabbage into very thin slices (I would use a food processor or a mandolin). Place the cabbage in a large bowl with a cover. Pour the boiling water over it and let it stand for about 3 or 4 minutes. Put all of the other ingredients into a blender and blend at medium speed until all is well blended and smooth. Drain off the water from the cabbage. Add the dressing from the blender to the cabbage and mix well. Cover the bowl and place in the refrigerator. Allow to stand overnight. Serve chilled.

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