“Sounds easy, right?! Well with the proper preparations, you can take your bacon to a whole new level. You can cook it ahead of time and have an awesome BLT, or you want some really flavorful bacon bits added to your salad, or to those main dishes that have bacon in them. Well this is a great alternative answer. Also by BBQ the bacon, it drips alot of the grease that it normally bathes in while you pan fry. The prep time is so the bacon can marinate and get all nice and cozy with the BBQ sauce. Double or triple for large potluck meal batches. **NOTE** - Recently we started adding Rum to the mix, it comes out awesome. So if your inclined to do so, add a cup of good dark rum to the marinating bag.”
6hrs 10mins

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 1 lb bacon (from a butcher or meat counter)
  • 12 cup barbecue sauce (Sweet Baby Rays, or Deb's Soulicious are our favorites)
  • 1 medium onion (I prefer red, but sweet is also good)
  • 1 cup dark rum (Optional, I like Sailor Jerry myself)


  1. Dice Onion up really nice.
  2. Add diced Onion, Bacon, BBQ sauce and Rum (optional of course) to a ziploc freezer baggy (large enough to hold everything together).((I use a vacuum sealer for this)).
  3. Pretend it is a gel sack and mix things up really well after you seal the bag.
  4. Freeze combination for at least 6 hours, the freezing causes the ice crystals to cause mini-tears in the meat, allowing the Bacon to be extremely tender.
  5. Take freezer pack out of freezer and allow to thaw normally (in the fridge).
  6. Ready your BBQ, when hot, cook to doneness that you normally like your bacon (tender or crispy).
  7. NOTE: Watch the flames, the dripping grease causes fires, and if you don't remain observant, you will end up with little charcoal sticks. :).

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