“Great for the heat of the moment as a appetizer when grilling for a small or large group. These peppers are flavorful with the smokey and spicy taste of the southwest. When grilling with peppers be sure to remember that the longer they are on the grill the milder they become. Leaving your peppers out of the fridge for a couple of days until beginning to turn red increases the heat. Also don't forget that when preparing your peppers that the more seeds you leave the more heat you will have in your end result. This is a fun recipe to experiment with different cheeses and can even use wood smoker for a more robust flavor. Goes great with my strawberry margarita.”
12 Peppers

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  1. Using gloves or baggies to protect your hands from oils from the peppers, wash and make a slit in the side of the pepper lengthwise from the stem 2/3 of the length of the pepper.
  2. Remove the seeds to taste.
  3. Slice cheese in rectangular shapes to fit the inside of your peppers. Fill peppers with cheese pieces. May use optional ingredients during this step.
  4. With each slice of bacon wrap your peppers tightly starting on one end of the peppers and using a toothpick to secure the first wrap and the last wrap.
  5. Using a gas grill on low to medium heat, or allowing your charcoal to season to all white coals place peppers on the grill. Use caution as the bacon may pop or flames can occur if not watched. Adjusting grill surface for desired cooking temperature.
  6. Brush with BBQ sauce with each turn. Turn when skin on peppers begin to blister.
  7. Peppers are done when bacon is cooked to desired crispness.

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