“This recipe originated from the box of Mother's quick cooking Barley. I have added and changed a few items. My family likes this soup as I can make it from start to serving in about an hour and a half and it always tastes great. *** This photo was not submitted by designerchef, however is a good representation of what this soup actually looks like. Thanks for trying my recipes, and please don't take offense to my comments Acadia.***”
1hr 10mins

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  1. In a large stock pot, add olive oil, sliced mushrooms, chopped onions and chopped garlic. On a low heat, saute for about 5 minutes, turning and stirring occasionally, until tender.
  2. Add beef broth and water, soup bone, thyme, marjoram, and bay leaves.
  3. Stir and simmer on low.
  4. While this is simmering, trim all fat off of the sirloin steak and cut into small pieces. Add beef to soup and bring to a low boil for about 20 minutes.
  5. Remove soup bone and any debris from bone. Add barley now and carrots. Continue simmering for another 30 minutes or until carrots are tender. If by chance the soup starts getting too thick, you can add a little more water.

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