“a romanian recipe”

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  1. For beef rolls in cabbage Wash cabbage, remove the spines are separate sheets stuffed say, the rest is cut finely. Rice is elected impurities and half boil in salted water. Onion peel, wash (75 g) and finely cut. Wash tomatoes and cut quarters. Wash meat, cut pieces and give the meat grinder with 75 g of onion. Tomato paste diluted in 50 ml water. Mix the ground meat with salt, pepper, rice, 50 ml water and splits into pieces. Stuffed cabbage roll each piece of cabbage (making sure to run the ends inwards). Put the pan on top of another on top of cabbage finely, so that the middle of the pan to remain empty. Middle is filled with finely chopped cabbage, which cover the last layer of cabbage. Sprinkle thyme on top. Chopped onion (75 g) is smothered in lard or oil with 50 ml of water, add sweet paprika, pepper, tomato paste and cook 3 minutes. Pour this sauce over rolls, then you fill with water. Stuffed cabbage boil over moderate heat 35-40 minutes, then put the tomatoes on top and place in oven about 30 minutes.
  2. Beef cabbage rolls in cabbage are served warm.

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