“My favourite way to eat mussels - I used to think they'd be so difficult to prepare, but this is amazingly fast, easy, and I usually have all the ingredients (and it's all in one pot)! It could serve more than 2 if it was an appetizer, but it works perfect for a supper for 2.”
2 heaping bowls

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  1. prepare mussels (wash, discard opened/broken, debeard, etc).
  2. chop bacon into large cubes.
  3. cook bacon in large stock pot until, stirring occasionally.
  4. drain bacon fat and remove bacon, placing in a bowl to use later (i like to blot the oil with paper towel as well).
  5. put onion and butter in stock pot and saute onion for a few minutes.
  6. pour in beer, add bacon.
  7. dump in mussels.
  8. put a lid on the pot and let the mussels steam, I like to toss them every couple minutes with the lid on to keep in the steam.
  9. mussells are done when they are open - approx 5 to 7 mins (don't eat the closed ones!) add the whipping cream and slowly add the cheese and stir to evenly distribute.
  10. dish out into bowls, and pour broth overtop (soak it up with french bread or serve the mussels over pasta).
  11. enjoy!

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