“This recipe might sound a little strange and lengthy but trust me it is out of this world. I had used the left over meat from loose meat burgers we made the night before.In the loose meat burgers there was some strange ingredients such as vinegar,mustard and sugar. Everyone including my italian mother and grandmother thought this sauce was spectacular. I thought it must have something to do with the extra ingredients from the loose meat burgers.This recipe is definately original! Caution: Do not wear white while making this!!!”
1hr 15mins

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  1. 1.Start by making your beef mixture.
  2. In a big sauce pot add the first 7 ingredients,beef,chopped onion,mustard,vinegar,sugar,salt and pepper.cook on medium until browned.
  3. 2.Start adding your sauce mixture. add the Ragu sauce,canned tomatoes,tomato paste,water,ketchup,bay leaves,chopped garlic,basil,oregano,sugar,nutmeg,pesto,salt,pepper. Mix it all up very well.
  4. 3.turn the stove to high and let it come to a simmer,you can add a lid if you dont want sauce squirting everywhere.During this time chop your carrots and celery.
  5. 4.When the sauce starts to bubble add your carrots and celery and turn the stove down to low.
  6. 5.put the lid on and leave on low or minimum heat for 1/2 an hour-45 minutes.Turn off the heat and leave it covered with a lid.I like to leave it about 1/2 an hour covered before i serve with my favorite pasta.
  7. make sure to taste it to see if you need more salt, sugar or anything else.
  8. This makes enough for 2 dinners of 5 people. I use half then freeze the rest till later.

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