Big Papa Ed's Quick and Tasty Frijoles

“My Mom use to make great refied beans. She would make it from scratch and they tasted like it. Now theres no way I can eat canned refried beans, there terrible! Nowdays I don't alway have time to cook things from scratch, so from watching and cooking with my Mom I developed this recipe using canned pinto or black beans. My kids swear by it and they now refuse to eat canned refri's.”

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  1. 1) In large skillet cook bacon until crispy, then remove and sit aside for later
  2. 2)place at meduim high heat and saute onions for about 2 mins.
  3. 3) Add garlic and jalapeno and saute with onions until onion are clear, about another 2 minute reduce heat if needed so not to burn.
  4. 4)Add 40oz can of pinto beans with liquid,water,salt, and bacon. Bring to full boil for 1min. Then reduce heat to high simmer to reduce liquid. Stir every so often. Do not cover.
  5. 5)After about 10 min mash and stir the beans with a wire potato masher to a chunky consistesy. Simmer for another 6 min stirring every so often. add a little water if needed, salt and pepper to taste.

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