“Last summer was a wonderful year for blackberries (probably due to the rainy summer!) and the brambles at my local secret location produced a bumper crop. I found this recipe when doing a general trawl of the internet for blackberry recipes; it was on the BBC Food website (shown as a variation under a recipe for Sloe Gin!). As we had picked so many blackberries I thought I’d give blackberry brandy a go. I was so pleased that I did as the finished result was absolutely wonderful. There are a few recipes posted on Recipezaar that use blackberry brandy, so you can enjoy this brandy in one of these or simply drink it on its own (slowly and savouring every drop!), as we do. Although I used fresh blackberries, I reckon that frozen ones will work just as well. Cooking time is steeping time!”
1440hrs 10mins
1 litre

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Divide the blackberries between 3 sterilised 500ml ‘Kilner’ jars (or alternatively use other sterilised jars/containers that you can seal tightly, or place blackberries into one very large container).
  2. Pour in the sugar, dividing it equally between the jars; divide and pour in the brandy.
  3. Seal the jars tightly and shake them well.
  4. Store in a cool, dark cupboard and shake every other day for a week, then shake once a week for two months; the brandy be then be ready to drink, but will keep improving if you can manage to leave it for longer!
  5. When the brandy has steeped for at least two months, strain it off into a 1 litre bottle (you can reserve the fruit for a very boozy dessert; a few berries are great served with vanilla ice cream); it is now ready to serve.

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