“"The eyes have it" in this recipe. Start a day ahead by making the "eyeballs", then just combine the rest and you're ready to scare up some fun! This drink can be made non-alcoholic by skipping the vodka or tequila.”

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  1. Prepare ice"eyeballs" the day before you plan on serving.
  2. Peel radishes, leaving thin streaks of red skin on to represent"blood vessels".
  3. Using tip of a vegetable peeler or a small knife, carefully scoop out a small hole in each radish, about the size of an olive.
  4. Stuff a green olive, pimiento side out, in each hole.
  5. Place 1 radish"eyeball" in each section of an empty ice cube tray.
  6. Trim radishes down to fit in trays, if necessary.
  7. Fill tray with water and freeze overnight.
  8. To make drink, fill a tall cocktail glass with 3 or 4 eyeball ice cubes, add ingredients in the order given and shake or stir.
  9. You can create a salt rim on the glasses by running a piece of lemon or lime around the rim then dipping it in a small dish of salt.

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