“I don't usually experiment with drinks around Christmas. It is usually just wine and champagne served, but I thought I would play around and have some fun this year. I actually got the idea from a friend, when we lived in Spain. They had a party one night and they must have had 20-30 different flavoured bottles of vodka, everything from fruity ones to chili, even jalapeno. All of them they had made themselves by adding the flavoured ingredient, I thought it was so novel and it was interesting tasting all the different flavours, well maybe I didn't try them all, I would have been on the floor if I had. Any way this is a recipe for blueberry flavoured gin, I have not made this before so I can not vouch for how good it will turn out. I am just trying it for something different this year.”
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  1. In a large bottle pour gin, add blueberries and sugar, shake well and refrigerate for 2 weeks or up to 2 months.
  2. Shake the bottle from time to time, you will see a marvellous rich colour developing as the days go by.
  3. To serve: Place a shot of gin in a blender with crushed ice, blend, pour into chilled glasses and top with tonic and garnish with a sprig of mint. Alternatively, serve alone in a small chilled glass with ice cube.
  4. I will post a photo once my gin is done as I said I only put it in the fridge a few days ago so I will have to be patient until it is done.

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