“What to do with all those berries? The buttermilk gives this a nice tang and the blueberries make this rock with healthy goodness. Great any time of day. Add rum for an adult get-together. Adapted from a recipe I saw demonstrated by Martha Stewart. This makes 2-- approximately 12 ounce servings. Time does not include cooling time for fruit.”
22 ounces

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  1. Remove pits and cut plums into quarters or smaller. I just slice from top to bottom right beside the pit; do this all the way around.
  2. Place water and sugar in small saucepan, dissolving sugar and bringing to just boiling.
  3. Add plum pieces and turn heat lower in order to reach a simmer.
  4. Wait 5 minutes after adding plums and add blueberries.
  5. Cook all for 10 more minutes.
  6. Strain fruit from pot and let cool to at least room remperature or chill until ready to make.
  7. Place plums and blueberries in blender and mix.
  8. Add buttermilk and vanilla, mix well.
  9. Add crushed ice and blend well.
  10. Add more more milk or vanilla to suit your taste (or a little of the sugar water for a sweeter drink).
  11. Serve immediately over a few ice cubes to keep it good and chilled (it does go fast though!).
  12. If you are over 21 and aren't driving-- you can go ahead and add some light rum.
  13. Enjoy!

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