“This looks so effective and the blend of fruit and bourbon flavours tastes wonderful! I like milk chocolate in this recipe but dark chocolate would also work very nicely. Cook time is chill time.”

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  1. Peel each orange and finely dice the flesh, discarding the tough core and any seeds (I find it easiest to quarter each orange, then peel).
  2. Hull and dice the strawberries.
  3. Put both fruits in a bowl and add the bourbon. Add 1/2 tablespoon of the sugar and stir. Leave to soak for about 30 minutes in the fridge. Gently stir as frequently as you can- every 5 minutes if possible- to evenly blend the flavours.
  4. Finely grate the chocolate until you have the required 4 tablespoons grated (chilling it beforehand stops it from melting in your hands as you grate it) .
  5. When the fruit has finished soaking, whip the cream until it starts to stiffen.
  6. Add the remaining 1 tablespoon of sugar to the cream.
  7. Drain the fruit through a sieve, pouring the juices and bourbon into the whipped cream. Stir gently to mix.
  8. In four glasses, put a layer of fruit, then cream, then chocolate flakes. Repeat the layers of fruit, cream and chocolate, finishing with the chocolate. If desired, top with a fanned strawberry.

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