Bread Bowls for Soup (Or for Anything)!

“this recipe makes 3 bread bowls so i often double... I do my bread in bread machine dough only cycle. When pulling out have some flour if a little sticky. rip into 3 pieces and make ball. I love this for my favorite creamy soups or chili. Enjoy.”
3 bread bowls

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  1. Place in machine or mixer -- with dough hooks but if not can do by hand. I start with wet ingredients and end with yeast. knead. let rise and hour. I do this twice. Break off into 3 equal pieces or if doubled -- into 6 pieces. work into round balls using flour if sticky. Place 3 on a greased cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 20 minute till tops golden. Cool. Carefully make hole on tops and scoop out bread creating a bowl -- dont overdo it -- you want a wall. Can heat your favorite soup like cream of broccoli, seafood bisque, cream of potato or chili and then pour inches can stick in heated oven to rewarm bowl a bit. then serve. I Love this and hope you do to. Can make some croutons with bread pieces or just eat with dinner or dip.

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