“This is something i make as a treat every now and again in the kitchen for the morning chefs. easy as and so deliciously tasty!!”

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  1. Pizza Base.
  2. mix the soda water into the plain flour & salt.
  3. knead quiclky (so you dont over work the flour).
  4. roll out (i roll a rectangle) and place on a tray *this makes a thin bready base thats so super quick and easy to do*.
  5. Topping.
  6. Mix the napoli and BBQ Sauce together.
  7. spread over the pizza base.
  8. scatter 1/2 the cheese on bottom of pizza
  9. slice up the pork saussage and scatter over(mine are always blanched, but raw is ok. just takes a little longer to cook).
  10. break the eggs into a bowl and roughly scramble with a fork then pour over pizza.
  11. cut rashers of bacon up and scatter over.
  12. do the same with spinach.
  13. finish by scattering the other 1/2 of cheese on top.
  14. i put this in the oven for about 12 minutes on high (our ovens always sit on about 300c!).
  15. but when the cheese is golden and if your pork saussage is done (if it wasnt blanched).
  16. Enjoy.

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