“I've been working on creative and yummy uses for broccoli stalks. That...is really nerdy, huh. But I can only eat so much broccoli slaw, you know? Today, I had a triumph. Here it is:”
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  1. First, I roasted the broccoli stalks at 400 for about 20 minutes (olive oil, pepper and a little salt). Next, I transferred the broccoli to the saute pan and heated it for about 10 minutes. Then, I cubed and cut the onions and threw them inches About 10 minutes later, I added a cup of veggie stock (I used crystals, so it was nice and salty.) and squeezed just a tish of lemon juice into the mix. I simmered all of this for about 25 minutes. At that time, I checked the pot. I took out the potatoes and onions, and put the top back on for 20. By then, the stalks were OK! I took everything and put it in the food processor. I blended the mix and added the pesto and sour cream. When smooth, I put the mix back into my pan and put enough broth in it to make it smooth and not too thick. I salt and peppered it to my taste and I am now eating it with garlic naan with my kids! (I ended up adding just a bit more pesto to mine, but I really liked it!) xo.

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