Broccoli and Cheese Casserole

“This is my favorite recipe ever. It comes from my great-grandmother and it's fantastic! I've noticed most of the brocolli casserole recipe's are using mayonnaise, mine uses sour cream instead and I think you will love the change. Let me know how you like it!”

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  1. Shred all of the cheese and mix together (try not to use already shredded cheese as it doesn't seem to melt down as well).
  2. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.
  3. Cook broccoli and drain.
  4. Mix sour cream, soup, egg and a large handful of shredded cheese in separate bowl.
  5. Pour half of broccoli into casserole dish.
  6. Spread a layer of sour cream mixture over broccoli.
  7. Cut up slices of butter and place evenly over the mixture.
  8. Spread layer of cheese over mixture.
  9. Repeat broccoli, mixture and cheese steps.
  10. Melt a few slices of butter in microwave and mix with bread crumbs and top the casserole with the bread crumb topping.
  11. Bake at 350 degrees for 35 minutes or until cheese is bubbling in center.
  12. ENJOY!

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