“To to make easy Pancakes that'll win over the missus”
20-30 Pancakes

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  1. Beat the Milk, Eggs and vanilla essense together until completely mixed then add the sugar and beat again.
  2. Then just add a cup at a time of sifted self raising flour and there you have it!
  3. Put a flat fry pan onto a medium heat stove and let the pan get to max temperature Do a sample pancake first to if it will burn or not.
  4. Put some mixture into the pan to make a pancake the size you need, once some bubbles appear on top of the mixture its time to flip it over, Leave it another min or 2 and take it off. Repeat.
  5. Try something different and add some sliced banana or strawberries when you pour the mixture into the pan, once you flip over the pancake it will slightly cook it together, Yummo serve with maple syrup and dust with icing sugar.

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