“I just threw this together and thoroughly enjoyed it, so I'm putting the recipe here mostly for safe-keeping. The thickness is sort of halfway between a pancake and a crepe. Have this drenched in real maple-syrup or molasses if you like simple & sweet; you can break an egg on top of the pancake, spread it out evenly, top with cold-cuts and cheese, roll it up and have a full meal; serve with fruit, veggies, herbs, chocolate, whipped cream, or whatever floats your boat; layer them with a filling of your choice and make a cake; possibilities are endless...”

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  1. Mix everything until thoroughly blended and there are no more lumps. If batter is very bubbly, let it stand 1 hour in the refrigerator.
  2. Preheat and oil your pan (I have a non-stick pan, so oil isn't necessary).
  3. Pour some batter onto the hot pan, tilt it to spread the batter out evenly.Cook until bubbles are popped and the pancakes comes easily; flip. Cook until bottom is golden. Serve.
  4. NOTE: Weird as that sounds, the real secret to flipping pancakes is to listen to it -- I find that generally, if it is stuck or doesn't come easily, it's not cooked enough. When it'll be ready, you should have no problem.

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