“This recipe comes from 30DayGourmet.com, a great resource for OAMC meal planning. This recipe can be made using the big bags of frozen already cooked shrimp, and can be made hot or not depending on whether you add the hot sauce (of course, this changes the recipe from "Buffalo" shrimp to just Shrimp in a Yummy Marinade!). I made these as written using Frank's Hot Sauce, and it was good buffalo flavor, but not nuclear hot, which I loved, but my chili head DH just thought was good. Prep time includes cooking (but not peeling) the shrimp. Recipe will double, triple, or more easily.”

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  1. TO FREEZE: Combine ingredients from oil through hot sauce (if using) to make marinade. Place shrimp in labeled freezer bag or container. Pour marinade over shrimp, seal, and freeze.
  2. TO COOK: Thaw in refrigerator. You have several options for cooking: skewer shrimp and broil or grill; or simply panfry for a few minutes. You only need to heat these up, they are already cooked. Discard extra marinade.
  3. OPTIONS: Use as an appy with ranch dip, add these to pasta (with blue cheese crumbles, YUM!), serve over rice, turn into tacos, endless really!

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