Bumbacco's Spaghetti Sauce

“This is my own recipe,it came from years of cooking, everyone seems to enjoy it.”
8hrs 30mins
5 Quarts

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. In a large pot combine oil, onions, oregano, bay leaves, and garlic,cook medium heat for 5 minutes add diced tomatoes and tomato juice, bring to a boil add hamburger, reduce heat to simmer add green peppers and romano cheese add poltry seasoning, ground sage, celery salt, parsley flakes add large carrot (Tip) the carrot is used in place of sugar as it will absorb the acid in the tomatoes, just discard the carrot after cooking.
  2. let this sauce simmer on a very low heat all day, and skim off excess oil when it comes to the top.
  3. (Tip) When buying fresh garlic, peel and clean,then put them in a large jar, fill the jar with your favorite oil, and put it in your fridge for your next sauce, the oil will absorb the garlic flavor, and preserve your garlic.

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