“These are a great as an impressive snack for guests or used individually, as an accent for the presentation of a fancy dinner. They are simple to make, but are fairly labor intensive. I use a Pasta machine to do the rolling, but a rolling pin will work. I cut mine with a ravioli cutter to get a deckled edge, but a biscuit or cookie cutter is fine. Be sure to season them as soon as they come out of the fry oil so the seasoning will stick. I’ve tried a variety of seasonings, but I prefer the Cajun. Check to see if your seasoning mix includes salt, many are loaded and it will cause a problem if you add more salt. Other kinds of herbs should work as an alterative to the basil”
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  1. Cut the won ton wrappers to the shape desired and run them through the pasta machine to thin them. I use a #7 setting. This gives an oval shape to the a round cutout so the basil leaves fit better. Lay the pasta flat, put a leaf on top and with a wet finger, moisten the outer edges of the pasta. Place another rolled wrapper on the top and press the edges closed. Reset the machine to #5 and run the “sandwich” through again. It’s important to start with the end tip of the leaf in the press first or the juices will be squished out.
  2. Fry ‘till golden brown, drain and season. They keep, refrigerated, for several days.

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